Free Translators

By Frank Herles Matos

The 15 better free translators (of texts, websites and e-mails) of the worldwide Internet.

Although to be good programs they are limited because it is “free series.” The paid versions are more advanced and better captures the general thrust of the original texts, still does not offer perfect translations. No automatic translator – the more expensive than either- is able to perform professional translations as produced by human experts.

The greatest imperfection of automatic translation is the impossibility to use the context where each sentence or same word was used in the original text. This occurs because anyone computer or software – for more modern or sophisticated that is – thinks; simply performs literal translations of words – that can have different meanings.

If not enough these limitations, the original texts with grammatical errors, slang, long or complex sentences usually result in even more inaccurate translations.

Besides the convenience and speed automatic translators – especially the free – are set to get a general idea of texts and, in some cases capture contexts of short sentences or small paragraphs.


1. Each translator was projected to translate certain amount of text – characters or words. Texts overpaid – varying from one program to another – are automatically deleted or the translator not will work.

2. Some translators also limits the amount of times that the texts are translated for free.

3. The order of relation does not mean order of preference popular; thus was classified by reviews of small group of friends who work with translations to those who ask to assess and rank, subject to suggestions and criticisms of those interested can.

4. Criticism, suggestions and compliments about the software listed above are welcome to we can update classification and information.

01. IM Translator – 200 words at one time, 35 languages.

02. Google Translate Beta – Over 8000 words at a time, 34 languages.

03. SDL – Free Translations – 500 words at a time, 12 languages.

04. Frengly – 200 words at a time, 27 languages.

05. Windows Translator – 500 words at a time, 15 languages.

06. Reverso Translation – 500 characters at a time, 8 languages.

07. Yahoo – Babel Fish – 150 words at a time, 15 languages.

08. PROMT Translator – 3000 characters at a time, 7 languages.

09. InterTran – 8000 characters at a time, 27 languages.

10. Dictionary – 650 words at a time, 11 languages.

11. Systren Translation – 9000 characters at a time, 15 languages.

12. World Lingo – 150 words at a time, 15 languages.

13. Translated Net – 250 words at a time, 17 languages.

14. Applied Language – 150 words at a time, 15 languages.

15. Kwintessential Translation – 9000 characters at a time, 7 languages.

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2 Responses to Free Translators

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks. Good job.

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