Free Spell Checker

By Frank Herles Matos

For lack of time, convenience and popularization of computers many are leaving in their dictionaries on shelves and using only electronic spellchecker.

While helpful and quick to correct the errors and omissions brokers accept spelling all the words that are part of the dictionary installed in the program, even when applied in contexts other than the text original text, especially when it comes to paronym – written similar, but different meaning.

We suggest you keep a good dictionary printed around when writing and, in cases of doubt, see it. Good ideas are perpetuate, and one of the good ideas of humanity was exactly our known and useful dictionary.


1. Some of these brokers identifies and corrects spelling words in texts, web pages and e-mails.

2. The software listed above have a limit of text – characters or words – to check and fix a time.

01. Orangoo – 28 languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish….

02. Revisor – 11 languages – English, Portuguese PT & BR, Spanish…

03. SCRIPT – 2 languages – English and Portuguese

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