Free E-books

“It is clear that my children will have to compute, but before they will have books …” – Bill Gates

By Frank Herles Matos

For whom it likes reading, we suggest to access the links below related. Through them you can to read on-line or to do downloads of thousands of E-books, to participate of literary forum, to upload own, authorized E-books, and if you want, to be associated to the club of reading and much more. And all this completely free.

Even treating free copyright and authorized publish, the copies must have his moral respected rights, quoting authorship’s and sources.

Case someone finds, in the sites below related, someone free copyright’s production or authorized, please reporting for the responsible the respective will be site informed.

In more, good Reading…

01. Mashable – 50 better sites of the world for free E-book’s downloads.

02. Virtual Books – Here you can download free E-books in six languages: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish.

03. Project Gutenberg – Free E-books in many languages.

04. The New Life Mission – Hundreds of Christian free E-books in several languages.

05. Books Google – Searcher of thousands of E-books in tens languages, which majority you can read online, gratuitously.

06. Rapid Share – Thousands of free E-books to download. Unfortunately don’t have the description of most of the works.

07. Positive Club – Literary association with sites in several languages, created by the writer and French poet Christian H. Godefroy, with distribution of free E-books and different services for the associates.

08. BV – Free E-books in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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5 Responses to Free E-books

  1. Brady Spim says:

    Good post. Thanks

  2. Rondi McMuller says:

    Simple, but clean page, without links to advertisings as it occurs in the majority that approaches on this type of content.

  3. Valentine says:

    Welcome friends! ,

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  5. Paulinerose says:

    I am having a hard time getting books for sony e reader that is free on some of the sites you listed and some I found online, any suggestions?

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