10 free antivirus most used on the world

By Frank Herles Matos

We make a list of 10 free antivirus most used in the worldwide market in the present. Some free antivirus is looked to attend his necessities, read the abridged description and the detailed information of each one of them in the respective links. So, it will lower an antivirus in accordance with his necessities.

01. AVG

The free version 8, protects your computer in real-time against viruses and spywares. Have a new link scanner what protects the computer of viruses that are propagated when you visit certain pages of the web.

02. Avast

In spite of the free version of this software not to have a system of a heuristically scan for the emails and of being at the second place between the antiviruses most used the world, the Avast is, undoubtedly, the best program free antiviruses protection of the market at present: protect his computer in real-time against viruses, spywares, malwares; have anti-rootkit when they were integrated to the system and automatic updating. It is a necessary register (updated to each 14 months) to lower the software and  for non-commercial & home use only.

03. Avira

Have a heuristically scanner that detects virus and malwares done not known when it was based on his behaviours. The updating online for the free version is relatively slow.

04. Comodo

This free antivirus has practically all resources of an AV paid. No licenses, upgrades, or any hidden costs. Have a mighty heuristically scanner  that works in real-time, intercepting viruses, spywares and other malwares before they infect your computer. Updates everyday for you can stay protected against the latest threats.

05. Integrator

The Hand Bits VirusScan Integrator works with several programs antivirus, allows configuration – software, Backgrounds, languages, etc. A version 5.5, have multi-language support, integrated with handyBits easy crypt, drop target window… and free for non-commercial & home use only.

06. BitDefender 10

It has a powerful heuristically motor what manages to individualize viruses and scanners, deceiving other antivirus. Act like a scanner on demand, not supplying protection in real-time, but neutralizes possible malwares in the system. Is indicated more to analyse the systems of what properly to protect.

07. ClamWin

This software was developed by an international community of programmers with the finality of creating an free antivirus to the worldwide market. It is based on the ClamAV, is updated automatically and is other antivirus on demand: only analyse the archives under request and does not offer protection in real-time.

08. Dr. Web Anti Virus

Another antivirus on demand. This software is small, but very powerful.

09. PCTools Antivirus

Protection against viruses, worms and trojans in real-time with a very active heuristically scanner. Rapid updates and simple interface. Ideal for less demanding users.

10. Cyber Defender

It moves viruses, spawares, malwares, adware, phishings scams and dangerous spam. Its is a good software.


1. Free Byte

2. Computer Sigght


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14 Responses to 10 free antivirus most used on the world

  1. Doug Woodall says:

    Ive used Avast for years on my XP machines with great results.
    Im using BitDefender now on my new lappie with Vista.
    Seems to work well so far.
    Great Post! Thanks for the info.

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  3. willian Deick says:

    Thanks for help me.

  4. MichaelAshley says:

    Excellent programs. Currently use the Command in my XP, with excellent results.
    I liked this post. Thanks

  5. Bob Landon says:

    Excellent and useful post. Thanks

  6. Lori Tuttowood says:

    Thanks for the information and congratulations for the objectivity of the information.
    That are respect to the time of the users. I loved…

  7. Guti says:

    Personally I would bet for Avira Antivir Free.

  8. erfan says:

    are you telling the truth

  9. ansi says:

    weird how kaspersky isn’t there on the list, i use it for a good period of time now, & still i am using it, to say the truth, a very stong antivirus.
    i don’t think that any other antivirus would beat it, lol, that’s my opinion.

  10. samanta says:

    Very useful post. Helped me a lot. Thanks

  11. barktlysf says:

    Cool post. Thanks! -barktlysf

  12. mike says:

    i love windows security essentials. . i have used it when it came out..

  13. steff says:

    Avast community…….Thanks
    U R the Best In all over the world

  14. Pogaoessdww says:


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