The Return of Planet-X

By Dr Jaysen Rand, Ph.D. *

Dear readers, thank you sincerely for your special interest/trust and energy devoted to reading our ‘science-fact’ book and entertainment project: The Return Of Planet-X

We believe this tome will set the stage for our country’s ‘cosmic destiny’ and that of planet Earth as The Book Of Revelation’s Wormwood (a large brown dwarf companion star to our Sun) — [“And the name of the star was Wormwood”…Revelation Chap. 8, Verse. 11] —returns again.

Found in the Epilogue – “Prelude To Our 2012 Planet-X Countdown,” we are pleased to present an excerpt listing of homespun prophecies/visions/readings of the near future as they appear to us beginning with Phase One then continuing through Phases Two and Three.

These prophecies/visions/readings of the future are not meant to scare or alarm you – but rather to inform and illustrate the dire situation we now find ourselves facing – as mother Earth is about to experience what many scientists, writers, theologians, politicians and everyday folk believe will be the anticipated ‘End-Times’ global scenario surrounding Planet-X’s arrival in 2009/2012.

We invite your commentary/E-mail responses to our “Planet-X website” offering.  Remember, as noted writer/psychic/commentator/entertainer “Criswell” once stated:  “Everyone is fascinated by the future, because that is where we’ll spend the rest of our lives.”

Presently, planet Earth is a real hotbed/battleground of political/religious/financial/environmental issues threatening to tear apart the fragile structure of our present-day 21 St century civilization. So let’s begin with the future as we see it developing on planet Earth’s 2009/2012 event horizon. Hopefully, we’ll view the future together with a more positive/no nonsense/let’s-face-it attitude.

Earth’s calendar date in summer/fall 2007 will find our fragile blue world in dire crisis. Consider the facts of overpopulation/global warming/a badly depleted ozone layer/rain forest devastation/uncontrollable/wildfires hurricanes/typhoons/storms/tornadoes bringing global flooding/tsunamis and droughts/Arctic-Antarctic/meltdowns mass extinctions of multiple plant and wildlife species/widespread famines/deadly disease outbreaks of animal and human origins/ever-increasing world­wide earthquake and volcanic activity – all of which are collectively taking a heavy toll on human, plant and animal life – not to mention billions upon billions of dollars in global property damage, lost wages/the economy and major consumer disruptions to the everyday needs of its citizens. Mother Nature takes no prisoners – gives no quarter – and she remains uncontrollable.

Are all the stories about UFOs and ETs associated with the return of ‘X’ true? And could the modern-day mythos surrounding the subject of UFOs, ET’s, crashed flying saucers, human contactees/abductees, cattle mutilations, the wheat crop circle phenomenon, the Grays, U.S. astronaut encounters with UFOs on the moon, and those constant nagging rumors that many of the world’s major governments are deliberately hiding, or at best covering up the truth about today’s UFO/ET phenomenology – giving rise to further speculation that quite possibly the Biblical Nefilim (those ETs often associated with the subject of X’s return) – may already be back on Earth a wee bit early perhaps – but back here nevertheless – and with a bold new ‘game plan’ for helping us out (via the Rapture scenario) when Revelation’s Wormwood returns again? YES!! We truly believe so!!! And we also believe that as 2009 and 2012 soon approaches – we will begin seeing an ever-increasing number of verifiable/ documented UFO sightings occuring/developing on a massive global scale. Expect the phenomenon to intensify/explode!

Once the approaching brown dwarf becomes visible in the sky the general public is going to panic! In this climate of panic, if the government allows ‘law and order’ to break down, spilling anarchy into the streets, unruly crowds will severely damage the vital economic infrastructure by which the U.S. and most other western/Asian economies are so dependent. If this uncontrolled rioting and mayhem spills out of local neighborhoods and into the business districts of society (burning, looting and ultimately destroying the businesses that drive this, and other global economies), we’re going to have a very difficult time recovering from the upcoming disaster. So let’s not forget what happened in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast – where ‘things’ are still not the same approaching two years later – Recovery is always a slow/painful/costly process. Planet-X is admittedly a volatile/argumentative/controversial/and in many cases – a politically, socially and religiously charged subject. By keeping an open mind, heart and spirit – your vested interest level will provide rewards both surprising and plentiful to seekers of the truth. However, once forewarned with the knowledge and information about Planet-X as contained in this book – your imagination should take over creating your own prophecy regarding your own near future.

Added to the implied threat that we believe Planet-X poses to our world (presently and continuing through 2009/2012) – we must nevertheless also factor in the ever-present danger global terrorism (regardless of its origin) poses upon our 21 St century world society. And therein lies the neverending question: Where/when do we begin to examine the problem of good vs evil?

Armageddon: Is the place where the final battle between good and evil will be fought (probably a reference to the battlefield of Megiddo) – an ancient city in N. Israel, on the plain of Esdraelon most often identified with the Biblical Armageddon prophecy in – Rev. 16:16: “And he (the Lord) gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon”. This place called Megiddo is perhaps the world’s most contested piece of territory and Bible prophecy tells us that once again it will become the focal point for a spiritual battle fought beyond our comprehension.

Didn’t that come full-circle and doesn’t that passage qualify for the End-Times best reading list?

This author believes we’ve already entered the time period identified by modern-day Christians as the End-Times heralding the return of Jesus Christ to his faithful Church on planet Earth – Rome and Salt Lake included.   Although the word “Rapture” never appears in the Bible – many Christians profess the belief that Christ himself will return with his legions of Angels to first remove his flock from this world (via the “Rapture” scenario for safekeeping), then proceed to destroy the forces of hell in the final battle between good and evil – Armageddon. So, here’s my personal prophecy and forecast for Earth’s near future and beyond heading towards 2009/2012:


Phase One

Will it (Armageddon) happen in our lifetime? Yes! When exactly? We believe that clock’s been ticking for several years now. And our best-guess estimate lines up with 2009 as the start of real hostilities (notwithstanding global terrorism with Iran as the fuse) – then escalating into a global war with NUKES flying every which way until the planet really gets toasted – or until some extraterrestrial intervention arrives (be it spiritual {the Lord} or celestial {Planet-X} or both at the same time). Will the so-called “Rapture” really happen? Perhaps so – and for all the reasons previously stated – although the actual facts/scenarios/details may vary slightly from prevailing ‘wisdom’s of the day’ and various Christian ‘faith interpretations’ of the Bible’s sacred ‘Word.


Phase Two

Will planet Earth continue to suffer growing numbers and more severe natural disasters as 2009/2012 approaches? You bet! And do we believe that Planet-X is the likely culprit here? You bet we do! Is there any chance this ‘bitter cup’ will pass our way? Sure!! Anything’s possible – but it’s highly unlikely with all the warning signs we see everywhere! Chapters 8-9 are a great start and using your ‘God-given imagination’ is the next logical step. Will mankind survive a pole shift should one occur in 2012? Absolutely! But don’t expect things to be the way they were: bye, bye modern-day civilization with all its conveniences! When should you begin preparing and will it help? AS SOON as you feel it’s right for you to begin the process and YES it will!


Phase Three

Long range forecasts include: O A continuing escalation of more severe/dramatic Earth Changing events sweeping across the globe approaching 2009/2012 with specific focus on powerful tropical storms/hurricanes/ tornadoes/earthquakes/volcanoes/flooding/wildfires. Governments of the world (although well-meaning and sincere) will be overwhelmed with the scope and tragedy of these mega-natural disaster events (shades of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast). Momentarily they will seemingly all agree/joining together – all the while secretly planning their individual conquests over the remaining survivors still strong enough to defend themselves.

– Once the first series of major Earth Changes strike the North American continent approaching 2009 – Canada, the US, Mexico and Central America will patch up their social/political/financial differences as we see a unified continental society develop with little or no border restrictions with a practical/working/operational philosophy – one designed to keep all of these ‘democratic societies’ in ‘accord’ as ‘things’ start to get truly problematic for their terrified populations.

– Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, quite possibly Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and the Palestinians create the new format of a deadly terrorist ‘cold war’ era. This time their weapons of choice are oil/industrial terrorism/dirty bombs/suicidal Muslim fanatics – take your choice!!

– Global terrorism remains a constant/deadly threat moving past 2009 with the probability of continued escalating terrorist acts committed against the weaker/more damaged western nations/ cultures as these Earth Changing events manifest into reality worldwide; ‘suicide bombers’ and ‘dirty bombs’ are sent against selected U.S. targets like Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, St. Louis, Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami for starters.

– The British Isles and many of the more westernized European nations will also sustain wide-spread terrorist attacks including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Any nation-state friendly with, or doing business with the United States and her allies – will be fair game, no holds barred.

– The final battle of Armageddon has begun as the Biblical account of ‘tribulation’ starts unfolding and the world braces for what promises to be the worst period of war and unrest imaginable!! The recent war in Lebanon with Israel defending against Hezbollah and Hamas signaled the start. With Gaza lost to Hamas and the West Bank controlled by Fatah – their clock is ticking.

– Expect a swift-moving and decisive (1-3 day) Middle-East nuclear war (mid-2009) between Israel and her threatening neighbors on all sides. It’s widely believed that Israel’s nuclear arsenal contains both low/high yield weapons (containing both conventional battlefield and missile-based technology.) Naturally, Israel will prevail but her bitter victory will certainly further unite and foment the hatred and resolve of her enemies to destroy the Jewish state once-and-for-all.

– Once this limited Middle-East nuke-event takes place, within 2-3 years the final stage is set for the end-time war of Armageddon (fought on the battlefield of Megiddo)—as the vast majority of fanatical/extremist/terrorist based Muslim nation/states unite against Israel, defeating her.

– Japan, Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Canada and several other European nations will continue their coalition of friendship/cooperation/security as the Earth Changing ‘bottom drops out’ around them. France, Germany, other European and Scandinavian countries soon follow suit, all out of dire necessity and fear of internal collapse, financial weakening and mass civil disorder.

– In regard to our recently crumbling relationships the U.S. maintains with Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and other Central/South American and Caribbean nations –  those prospects continue disintegrating eventually becoming openly hostile to the common welfare and security of their North American neighbors. They’ll also test our naïve/peaceful willingness in seeking viable/workable solutions to their mostly left-wing/liberal/socialist/ communistic ideals/and propaganda programs.

– As these global events manifest – the planet’s major population centers will begin to experience over- crowding/food/water/utility shortages/government disruptions/with public disturbances/great civil disobedience and widespread marshal law declared by the governments in power.

– As expected by the western world – the United Nations (U.N.) continues to remain impotent/ corrupt/ incapable/useless/gutless by their not achieving any meaningful measure of respect/control/dignity/honesty/ leadership or discipline in guiding world affairs now or in the future. NATO remains in tact but is greatly stressed/torn/conflicted by regional/religious/cultural politics surrounding these Earth Changes. For the moment the U.N./NATO remain stable but for how long?

– A new book entitled The U.N. Exposed (How the United Nations Sabotages the Security of the U.S.) written by Eric Shawn {A Fox News Journalist), takes on the current-day U.N. with his scorching expose of their sins – both large and small.   Except for the global humanitarian work financed (in large part) by the mega-millions of yearly U.S. tax dollars donated to the U.N.’s dishonest coffers – many Americans question why we continue to support ‘it’ by throwing away cash resources on a dysfunctional organization boldly conducting its shady business on U.S. soil.

– Poor Africa as always, is tragically left ‘out there on her own’ – more like ‘the survival of the fittest.’ Those dozen ‘Island Nations’ (at least the ones surviving the giant tsunamis now stalking them) will also be ‘left on their own’ to endure. We should add that all of the world’s major city coastlines remain extremely vulnerable as well as those located on major rivers and inland lakes.

– The use of military force – regardless of who starts the conflict – will be limited. If the entire planet is suddenly sent ‘off line,’ merely surviving will become paramount with military options remaining marginal and rogue dissident nations quickly humbled and/or destroyed in the process.

– If Iran succeeds in producing nuclear weapons (while seriously threatening Israel and the West with arms proliferation and continued terrorist support) – all bets are off!! Best guess is that the Israelis will strike first – drawing in the U.S., U.K., Australia and a loose cast of European and Asian coalition members – with some/or most reluctant at first to jump into the fray. And don’t count out Israel using ‘first strike’ low-yield NUKE weapons – THEY remember the ‘holocaust.’

– Expect major Middle East earthquakes in 2009/2012 that bring down the ‘Dome of the Rock’ and other religious sites sacred to both warring factions.   Once again – all bets are off should these natural disasters occur.   Biblical prophecy calls for the rebuilding of the ‘Temple Mount’ – and if this is accomplished by the Jewish state – all hell breaks loose in this already volatile/war-torn region.   Expect the Israelis to stand their ground as Biblical prophecies continue unfolding.

– Concerning U.S. politics – the November ’06 Congressional elections shook up the GOP ranks as the power curve in Washington shifted to the DEMS. Long shot presidential tickets include a Thompson/Rice pairing, a Clinton/Obama match-up and then a last minute Gore/Edwards ticket. Whatever the outcome—the ’08 election promises to be volatile, lethal, hotly debated, steamy!

– Sad to say – political/Congressional bickering and mutual name-calling continues to rankle the American public with no clear pathway developed or legislated (in the near future) for either our controlling the country’s borders or its out-of-control illegal immigration problems. President Bush’s prime-time speech on Monday, May 15, 2006, was certainly a step in the right direction – albeit a year late and dollars short in the Administration’s attempt at dealing with the border problems which former Administrations (of both parties) have simply ignored for the past 20 or more years. The general amnesty law enacted in 1986 by then President Reagan set the tone for judicial reforms but failed to achieve any meaningful results as 12-15 million illegal’s flooded in.

– Even more sad to say – the total collapse of the House and Senate’s spring 2007 congressional bills to reform/restate/restructure the nation’s chaotic immigration status is further proof that our lawmakers are indeed crippled – unable to work with each other to accomplish the critical task of safeguarding our borders and to streamline the uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens into America.

– Gasoline prices finally settle in at around $3.75 for regular and $4.35 for premium grades and diesel. Alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles remain a very slow transition in the U.S. with other smarter countries like Brazil bravely leading the way by gaining foreign oil and natural gas independence. The U.S. lacks an unconditional will and unwavering commitment to kick in, for we possess the greatest ability to open new oil fields/grow corn and develop other Ethanol based products allowing the U.S. to pursue its own energy independence programs by 2012 or before.

– As President Bush recently stated – “Don’t expect federal or local governmental agencies to bail out or totally protect the public from any sudden/catastrophic natural disasters.” Recently, Senator Susan Collins, R-ME (Chairwoman of the Homeland Security Committee) and Senator Joe Lieberman, D-CT (top Democrat on that same committee) – stated in a 04/27/06 USA TODAY feature article that in their opinion: “FEMA is a failure and should be replaced with a more powerful disaster-response agency.” That won’t happen soon! Michael Chertoff, new head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said: “A new departmental agency is not needed,” repeating FEMA’s familiar mantra: “Are You Ready? The key question remains: Are They?

Fully expect harsh rhetoric/heated debate to continue swirling around the ‘Global Warming’ issues now gaining world attention. Former VP Al Gore has been a long time advocate of adopting immediate U.S. policies/procedures reducing the threat of what Gore perceives as massive ‘global warming’ issues on a planet-wide scale. He’s recently thrown his support into promoting what the industry calls ‘his movie,’ a Hollywood-style feature film titled: An Inconvenient Truth. Theater attendance and DVD sales were strong with Al Gore’s film project boldly taking on the ‘global warming issue head on (he gets an OSCAR win), challenging the ‘usual administration suspects’ caught up in this on-going battle between the die-hard environmentalists pitted against big-business interests – with a Republican administration strongly defending their mainstream agenda. We believe newly erupting undersea volcanoes are causing a massive ‘global warming.’

– Expect commercial TV land and major producers (network and cable) to begin airing disaster-related programming with emphasis placed on preparation and survival. Albeit this effort will be quite subtle/slow starting but will then gradually work its way deep into the soft underbelly of our society – paving the way for its eventual collapse and the declaration of Federal Martial Law.

– In terms of recent films – Hollywood just released a remake of The Poseidon Adventure (1972) naming the new flick – Poseidon. Same old story, same plot – but far better ‘special effects.’ I couldn’t help but overhear audience reaction as they were gasping and commenting on the real horror of what had happened to that sleek ultra-modern ocean liner as it was struck by a rogue 100-foot wave totally capsizing the giant ship and killing almost everyone onboard. Could this happen? Absolutely!! Is this scenario pure storytelling or a now truth? Anything’s possible!!

– Other recent box office hits like The Day After Tomorrow, CORE, The Perfect Storm, Twister, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Super Volcano, Volcano and hot TV network specials like NBC’s earthquake thriller, 10.5 and CBS’s hurricane drama Category ‘6’ added to the several documentary programs about Katrina/Rita and New Orleans – all seemingly share a common theme – Mother Nature gone mad.   Even the Weather Channel and the History Channel are now featuring weekly serialized programs detailing the reality/probability/severity/scope of the most current weather disasters and global events now savaging the planet with no reprieve or escape in sight.

– In 1982, NASA itself officially recognized the possibility of this legendary Planet-X, with an announcement that some sort of mystery object was really out there – far beyond the outermost planets. This NASA statement appears to confirm those ancient 6,000-year old Sumerian pictographic descriptions of our parent solar system containing at least one more planet the Sumerians called “Nibiru” – which means “Planet of the Crossing.” Since then, NASA has been rather quiet about X, which suggests that something quite mysterious may yet be out there lurking in our collective future. All the indicators are now in place to confirm X’s existence and only time will tell approaching (2009/2012), if the Sumerians/Mayans/Toltecs/Aztecs were indeed correct!

For some unknown and truly arcane reason, the Mayan Celestial Calendar Codex inexplicably ends 21 December 2012. And according to ancient Mayan cosmology – ‘time’ as we know it on planet Earth will reach its climax on that date. Only time itself will reveal Earth’s cosmic future.

– The real burden of public/family survival rests with the individual head of each family household, or the single person responsible for his, her or their own safety and welfare in the future. Ultimately, your future and that of your loved ones lies in your own hands – so prepare for it! Reality Engineering your survival for whatever future awaits our planet is an individual responsibility to be taken seriously. We believe that every man/ woman/child deserves a glorious safe ‘future.’ We’ve tried to present the facts as we believe them to be. The rest is now up to you!

Our tome has been in publication/distribution for a little more than 60 days and we are excited to announce we’re already making plans for its’ first reprinting phase.  All indicators now point to a fast-track/high-volume/ record-setting sales pattern indicating that we expect our work to start making the nation’s best-selling sales charts quite soon. and several other major book fulfillment companies all report brisk orders are coming in faster than they had anticipated.

* Dr. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. in the field of Energy informative Sciences, from the Academy of Energy informative Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Russia.

His contributions in the study and pursuit of Extraterrestrial Communications, research into UFO phenomena, cosmology and his representing the United States at The First World UFO Congress (Tucson, AZ – 1991) – earned him distinctive recognition and his Doctorate from their Russian Academy of Sciences on December 18, 1992 in Moscow.

Jaysen Rand also attended the University of Illinois (Chicago Campus), Palmer School of Business, the National College of Chiropractic and earned three U.S. Army (MOS) school diplomas from (1963-1966)



The Return Of Planet-X E-book and Paperback versions are now available through Atlasbook or call 1-800-247-6553 or 1-800-Book Log.

The E-book version is $14.95 and is filled with 342 pages of focused/dedicated/well-researched page-turning research/commentary/facts and information on The Return Of Planet-X in 2009 and again in 2012—truly a “must read.” The E-book ISBN number is: 978-0-9779209-2-5

The glossy paperback version is $29.95 +S&H.   To order a soft cover version please contact:

AtlasBooks, 30 Amberwood Parkway, P.O. Box 368, Ashland, OH 44805 or on the Internet @

The ISBN book number is: 978-0-9779209-1-4


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