The Best World’s Encyclopedias

Starting with a single page you access to the Best Worl’s Encyclopedias.

Art Cyclopedia – Artists for name, workmanship or movement. Explore 125,000 great works of arts. – Biographies of 25,000 people of the past and present.

Catholic Encyclopedia – Digital encyclopedia published in the beginning of 20th century.

Classic Encyclopedia Based on the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. – Countries profiled from around the world.

Encyberpedia – The living encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia Astronautics – About astronauts and astronomy.

Encyclopedia Britannica – 32 volumes; complete content is paid.

Encyclopedia GrolierConnect All Students to all world of Knowledge and Learning.

Encyclopedia Mythica – Specialized in mythology, with definitions and other legends.

Encyclopedia of British History: 1500-1980 – Education & Teaching History on the Internet.

Encyclopedia of Flowers and Plants – Complete resource for all of your Gardening Needs.

Encyclopedia of the I World War – Battles, heroes, statisticians, tactics, etc. of the I World War.

Encyclopedia of the OrientMiddle East and the African north.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian – With links to resources on subjects from Art to Zoology.

Fact Monster – Almanacs, atlases, dictionary and encyclopedia in format adjusted for children.

Guinness World Records – Some of the worldwide records of the almanac “Guinness”.

High Beam Encyplopedia – 6th edition of the “Columbia Encyclopedia”.

Information Please – Almanac on diverse areas.

Instrument Encyclopedia – Photos and explanations on the whole world instruments.

Internet Archive – Registers of the evolution of the Internet. – Jewish encyclopedia.

Martial Arts Encyclopedia – About traditional Japanese Martial Arts on the Web, enjoy.

MSN Encarta– Part of the digital encyclopedia of the Microsoft.

NetLingo – Terms and abbreviations of Internet.

Nuttall Encyclopædia of General Knowledge – Topics including art, geography, literature, etc.

Perseus Digital Library – International encyclopedia about human areas.

Science Encyclopedia – Eric Weinstein’s Treasure troves science.

Symantec Security Response – Tips of viruses and false alarms. – More than 2,500 symbols, of the Antiquity to the present.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Sites in USA, Australia, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

TechEncyclopedia – More than 20,000 iterms.

Tech World The technical encyplopedia.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Thinkers and its objects of study.

The Internet Movie Database – Encyclopedia of moves, actors and team technique.

The Probert Encyclopaedia Reference source with several hypertext linked.

The Quotations Page – Citations of romancist, thinkers and politicians.

Wikinfo Encyclopedia – Articles, list of differences between this encyclopedia and Wikipedia, etc.

Wikipedia – International initiative initiated in 2001 to mount an open encyclopedia.

World Book Encyclopedia – Products for schools, libraries, the United States and Canada.

World Mountain Encyclopedia – Main mountains of the earth.

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