Murderer Pacifism

Por Olavo Carvalho *

If the media would expose in equal doses the information that comes from both sides, that should be enough to have the majority of the readers condemn the “pacifist” campaign as the sordid act of war camouflaged in pretty words that it is.

To prevent that, the information from the American side is shown chopped off or completely omitted, while the hysterical shouting of the marches echoes around the world as if it was the pure voice of reason and goodness, clean from every intention lower than angelic. Of course: only the most elevated ethical feelings could produce the miracle of putting together the hard line communist Brian Becker, the radical muslim assassin Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Nazi leader David Duke in a harmonic effusion of unbearable love for peace. The names of these feelings are: anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and anti-Christianism.

But none of this can be known by the Brazilian reader. The space in the newspaper for pros and cons is distributed in a monstrously unequal way, making the national media a propaganda machine dedicated to protect the kindly Saddam Hussein, murderer of 200 thousand political prisoners, against evil George W. Bush.

Just as an example, the national media are altogether denying to their readers the essential information regarding the “pacifist” manifestations: the NGO that promotes them, A.N.S.W.E.R. International, is the façade organization of the World Workers Party, which is noting but the international branch of North Korea’s Communist Party – the party of the genocidal Kim Il Jung.

A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) coordinates a world network of NGOs and can in a few hours produce mass movements in different parts of the planet, giving the impression of spontaneous popular reaction.

The amount of money that is involved in this is so large that A.N.S.W.E.R. spreads ads around the world calling volunteers to work in organizing protests in the US. Do you have any idea of how much it costs to provide transportation, housing, food and training to tens of thousands of volunteers who come from different countries (Brazil included)? Part of the budget comes from the traditional sponsors of communism, and part from the slave work of millions of people, the same ones whose sweat and blood pay for the atomic bombs that Kim Il Jung, as he has already announced, will throw at the US at the first alarm signal.

No adult human being has the right to ignore the fact that all pacifist movements of the 20th century, without exception, were organized by totalitarian states to disarm and destabilize democratic states. And nobody who knows this fact has the right to suppose, a priori, that the current movement would be an exception.

Above all, it is good to remember the effect of pacifism in the 60s which, by taking the American troops out of Vietnam, left it, and Cambodia, ready for the communist occupation; the consequence being the genocide of no less than three million people, three times more than the number of those who had died in the war. And no enthusiast of the “flower power” movement has ever repented for having helped to create such murderer peace.

* Olavo de Carvalho, filósofo, brazilian philosopher, journalista e writer brazilian.


1. Translation: Fábio Lins – Proof Reading: Jacqueline Baca

2. Article originally published in the newspaper Zero Hora, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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