Death to dictatorship, end of Embargo

Por Alex Hernandez – Cuba

No to Castro’s Rule

Without Fidel everything, with Fidel nothing…

We should visualize progress for Cuba when the Castro’s brothers are not more in power, when “the black boot” and “green uniform” are not any more a symbol of oppression and repression upon the cuban people.

When the “cold and hot” gallows are finished and the “repressive aparathus” is over, when in Cuba no more rule the “law” of the DGI, PNR and G-2, then is when the cuban people is going to start to breath free!

If we have a good dosis of “patience” is because we persevere in our efforts to free the cuban people inside the captive island. Keep your morals values and your head up when you face the Castro’s infiltrates in the United States of America trying to help his mean rule upon the cuban peoiple disguissed as an “english speaking Trojan Horse!

No dealing whith Castro! Without Castro everything, with Castro nothing! With Fidel in power nothing, without him everything!We must prevail and be succesful in our efforts triyng to liberete Cuba from Castro.

Cubans exiles, keep ypur head up! We shall overcome upon ignorance, lies and bad faith! Cuba Si, Castro No! Freedom for Cuba!

The future belong to the Man of good faith and not to thieves, liers, murderes, hypocrits and pro-Castro traitors communists!

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