Iran can be attacked soon

By Frank Herles Matos

The international diplomacy played its last two letters in an attempt to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue: more sanctions against Iran and the possible entry of Israel in NATO, clearly signaling to the mullas Iranian attack that Israel is attacking the entire West.

“Perhaps this avoids a large-scale military confronts that is becoming almost inevitable,” said former Secretary of State Colin Powell, in a CNN interview.

Moreover, the Pentagon unidentified sources did to empty information to The New York Times that “… all areas with nuclear facilities and activities Iranian troops are already mapped and documented, the plans of attack and strategies of shares are completed, the first units of the game F22 Raptor, bombardier UCAV unmanned, attack helicopters, and Stealth Comanche are already in operation in the area”.

According to the British newspaper Sunday Times “the plans of war by the Pentagon has concluded an attack aimed at overwhelming the 3 to 5 days ushers, time that the experts consider enough to destroy more than 80% of the Iranian military capability”.

According to that same source “… a coalition of eight countries already committed politically to end the nuclear claims of Iran, could destroy up to 1800 targets in the first 72 hours, making not operational the Iranian capacity to implement any counter-attack”.

Indirectly this information was confirmed by a senior official of The Nixon Center, in stating that “… If the military action becomes inevitable the plans already approved not only want to make surgical strikes against military installations of Iran, but attack on a large scale and comprehensive military capacity this country, destroying the largest possible number of facilities, communications systems, equipment and media.

Last week, after the President of Iran’s statement “… the American presence in Iraq was near the end and Iran is ready to replace the vacuum of power left by the United States,” Angela Merkel, Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy, France “warned the government of Tehran not to press the West to a decision in favor of the war”.

The response from Tehran came in the other day: “… we are with 3,000 equipment centrifugations in operation.” Who is the area known total of centrifuges that are capable of enriching uranium with quality much higher than needed for use in nuclear electric power!

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